Packing Size : 400 Gm 

Chamatkar Gold

Direction Of Use     : Drip Irrigation Drenching, Along with Fertilizer 250g/ acre

BENEFITS: It helps plant in optimum utilization of required minerals & vitamins. It helps plant in balancing of nutrients by acting as carrier for macro and micro nutrients.
It boosts anti disease capacity, growth, vigor of the plant and overall root development It improves soil quality & health.
CHAMTKAR GOLD promotes chlorophyll formation and favors photosynthesis which makes crops lush, green and leads to increased yield. It accelerates the rate of absorption and strengthens plant capacity to biotic and abiotic stress. It is suitable for both acidic and alkaline soil. It is Non-toxic, environment friendly, residue free and
promotes ecological balance. 

All Season

All Season is Naturally derived product which can make the plan healthy and vigorous and improves resistance against the different pest like read mites, yellow mites and thrips in all fields and horticultural crops.

Crops: Chilli, Tomato, Brinjal, Cotton, Gourd Rose, Jasmin And Other Vegetable Crops

Hydrolysed Yeast Extract       25% v/v
Carriers                                      25% v/v
Filler Media                                50% v/v
Total                                            100% v/v

Packing Size:  250 ml 

Packing Size: 100 ml, 250 ml

Rockstar Super

Bio Stimulant

Rockstar Super is high quality hormone which is very useful for the fruit and flower setting.
Rockstar super is useful for size growth and Color uniformly.

Vigorous Growth of plants
Useful for fruit size and color of grapes also useful for elongation of the bunches
health and vigorous growth
Significant increases in quantity and quality yield.

Useful for all types fruit crops vegetable crops And Other Horticultures Crops



Nonionic Silicon based Adjuvant

Promotes faster & even soil penitration reduce water evaporation

Act as run off super spreder

Packing Size: 100 ml

Packing Size: 1 lit

Signature Gold

Signature Gold is high concentration of humic Acide, Fulvic Acid, Sea Weed extracts and Various others plant nutrients specially formulated for Indian Condition

Development of Additional white roots and increasing root growth
Growth of beneficial microbes better nutrient uptake by the roots signature gold is of organic origin and can be used in organic farming development of foliage. UV protection of leaves
Nullify toxic effect & possible scorching due to chemicals pesticides
In orange help develop the apical bud in better way
It has the result on cotton soyabean Paddy Vegitable Chilly Citrus

Sun Flower Plus

Sun Flower Plus induces flowering in many of the fields and harticultureal Crops.

Sun Flower Plus initiates flower bud differentiation and help in the quick emergence of flowers or inflorescence


Early Flowering

More retention of flowers & Fruits

Control of Flowers and fruit Drops

healthy and vigorous growth

Packing Size: 250 ml

Packing Size:  250 ml, 500 ml

Haunted Super