About Us

AgroSuper crop science is one of the largest manufacturer and marketers of Agrochemicals, Seed Biological, Biofertilizers, Organic product using natural proteins and plant extracts that reduce the environment impact of chemicals in agriculture farming.

AgroSuper crop science was founded in the 27 Nov 2020 and emerged as a company with scientific spirit & with a commitment server farmers.

AgroSuper crop science provide crop protection from pests, disease and viruses by using organic / bio and eco friendly product such as Nutritional, PGR , Organic Chelates, Organic Mineral Gluconates, Glycinates, Hydrolyzed Protein, Organic Fungicide, Viricides etc.,

AgroSuper crop science are very cost effective with efficient performance compared to other chemical product which could cause a negative impact on our environment and to the people who consume the chemical vegetation. Hence, AgroSuper crop product are widely accepted as the best by the organic farmers/ growers in the market.

AgroSuper crop science is also marketing Sprayer, Mulching Sheets, Pro Tray , Glue Paper etc.


To Empower the Indian Farmers by offering complete package of products, Technology and Services to Maximize their Farm Productivity and Livelihood Sustainably.


To be the most preferred Agri Business Services Brand

To learn and train the advance Agricultural and farming technologies to grass root level by implementing the best extension methodologies

To do the business of Agri Inputs & Commodities with social responsibility

To make the network of Devoted Agripreneurs to cater the best ever available technologies to rural India

Corporate Philosophy

  • Uphold a reputation for Integrity, Honesty, Straight-Forward and Just Dealings
  • Be Committed to the Quality of its products & Services
  • Be Committed to its Clients
  • Be Innovative in approach and thought
  • Be OpenFriendly, Sincere and human in behavior and attitude
  • Contribute to the Community as a part of our social responsibility

Quality Assurance

  • All work regulated with fully documented standard operating procedures
  • We have well equipped packaging laboratory
  • We do regular up-gradation of lab facilities
  • We have easy access to top labs in India for collaborative and specialized analysis